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NOX AUDIO MX-125/250 mixing amplifier

MX-125 / MX-250

Mixing Amplifier

NOX AUDIO PA-240/480/800 power amplifier

PA-240 / PA-480 / PA-800

Professional Amplifier

NOX AUDIO MXM360 mixing amplifier with media player

MXM-130 / MXM-260 / MXM-360

Mixing Amplifier

NOX AUDIO PAP1500 power amplifier 1500watt

PAP-660 / PAP-1000 / PAP-1500

Professional Amplifier

i4150D / i4250D / i4300D / i8150D

Professional Multi-Channels Class-D Power Amplifier

NOX AUDIO MTX-106 analog audio matrix / zoner


Multi Zone Audio Matrix System

NOX AUDIO i815D multi channel class-d amplifier


Sequence Power Supply

NOX AUDIO AQ-215 graphic equalizer


Graphic Equalizer

NOX AUDIO Z-802 power sequencer
NOX AUDIO Integrated Architecture & Commercial Audio Solutions
NOX AUDIO M-215EU in wall  media player power amplifier


In-Wall Media Player / Amplifier 

Solutions by Syncrotek:

  • WCad
  • Lumina-Pro
  • Waveburg

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