Professional Multi-Channels Class-D Power Amplifier

       I series multi-channel Class-D power amplifier provide High-Fidelity sound & limited Rack Space Usage.
The i4150-D, i4250-D, & i4300-D provide 4 x 120W, 4 x 220W, 4 x 300W Per Channel @ 8Ω In only 1U Rack, & i8150-D Provides 8 x 150W @ 8Ω Per Channel In only 2U Rack. With the use Of a new circuit design, I Series Amplifier Can Drive More Loudspeakers without compromising on Power without Hissing & Humming. comprehensive protection is included to ensure the stability & durability of the system. I Series professional amplifier is ideal for permanent sound installation for Schools, Hospitals, Factories, Restaurant, Cafes, Houses of Worship, Gymnasiums, Retail & Corporate A/V.


• High-performance multi-channel power amplifier 120W - 300W

• Independent Channels Volume Control

• High Fidelity Sound Reproduction

• Euroblock, Inputs / Outputs

• Combo Input Connector

• Advance Integrated Protection Circuit

• 45Hz Low Cut (8150-D Only)



• Frequency response:

  20Hz -20KHz (+/- 0.5dB)

• Dynamic output power @ 8Ω:

  i4150D: 120watt x 4

  i4250D: 220watt x 4

  i4300D: 300watt x 4

  i8150D: 150watt x 8

Dynamic output power @ 4Ω:

  4150D: 150watt x 4

  i4250D: 270watt x 4

  i4300D: 370watt x 4

  i8150D: 170watt x 8

• Crosstalk (Below -3dB Rated Power) 20Hz-1KHz:

  4150D: 82dB

  i4250D: 82dB

  i4300D: 82dB

  i8150D: 75dB

• Signal to Noise Ratio:

  4150D: 97dB

  i4250D: 97dB

  i4300D: 97dB

  i8150D: 89dB

• Damping Factor:

  4150D: ≥230

  i4250D: ≥230

  i4300D: ≥230

  i8150D: ≥450

• Total Harmonic Distortion:

  4150D: 0.09%

  i4250D: 0.09%

  i4300D: 0.09%

  i8150D: 0.04%

• SlewRate(Below -3dB Rated Power):

  4150D: 20V/uS

  i4250D: 20V/uS

  i4300D: 20V/uS

  i8150D: 29V/uS

• Input Impedance:

  10KΩ Unbalanced, 20KΩ Balanced

• AC Power:

  110Volt (Optional 220Volt) 50-50Hz

• Construction:

  Steel Chassis and Aluminum panel

• Dimensions (HWD):

  4150D: 483x44.5x280mm

  i4250D: 483x44.5x280mm

  i4300D: 483x44.5x280mm

  i8150D: 483x89x280mm

• Weight:

  4150D: 8.15lbs - 3.7kg

  i4250D: 8.15lbs - 3.7kg

  i4300D: 8.15lbs - 3.7kg

  i8150D: 13.66lbs - 6.2kg

• Shipping Weight:

  4150D: 11.46lbs - 5.2kg

  i4250D: 11.46lbs - 5.2kg

  i4300D: 11.46lbs - 5.2kg

  i8150D: 17 lbs - 7.7kg

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