NOX AUDIO believes that the human ear deserves a lot more than PA Sound, especially when listening to music and dancing to it is the main issue. We also believe that the sound in public area should not sound any less than listening to music when you"re sitting right at home using high-end stereo equipment.

Achieving this almost impossible goal involves a lot of belief and true dedication to our designs and creativity .

    NOX AUDIO also concern about the convenience how the PA system should be installed. By developing the new Cyber-Net system DCORE solution and IPCORE solution, we can supply all contractors the easiest for permanent public address installation.

    NOX AUDIO was formed by a group of experienced experts in HiFi audio field and Pro-audio engineers. In the business field of public address system, we introduce with our experience for both HiFi and Pro-audio elements to acquire the ultimate sound quality and power requirements nowadays for architectural sound installation.

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