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      NOX AUDIO Is an American audio solutions company that consists of a variety of premier models, all working in conjunction to provide a greater integration for the entire product line. NOX AUDIO serves all types of projects from small, medium to large installations.

     NOX AUDIO strives for crystal clear sound. This is achie

We believe that the human ear deserves a lot more than the average PA sound quality. hat striving for perfection in audio solutions has us look at a variety of factors dispersion angles needed & how that affects the spread of frequencies, power needed for those speakers, & amplification designed to perfectly synchronize with those needs.



       NOX AUDIO Delivers crystal clear voice & relaxing full bodied music for the human ear. your public address system should be as good as listening to high end stereo quality music. achieving this almost impossible goal drives our philosophy & engineers to continuously enhance our designs & creativity.

       NOX AUDIO  Was formed by a group of experienced engineers & experts in the high fidelity & pro audio field. that design & engineering expertise assists greatly in the quest to achieve the ultimate sound quality & power requirements nowadays for architectural sound installation.

Solutions by Syncrotek:

  • WCad
  • Lumina-Pro
  • Waveburg

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