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FD-8 nox audio loudspeaker


FD-6 nox audio loudspeaker

Nox Audio’s  FD6 & FD8  fire dome speaker offer ultra-high sensitivity of sound pressure level for emergency broadcasting signal like fire alarm, evacuation alarm or timing alarm.


The fire domes are built using 6” & 8” dual cone drivers.


Both the speakers‘s front panel & back can is built from high quality metal for one rigid installation & fire resistance & the front is equipped with perforated metal grill spring action installation & knob button are provided.


Easy installation is achievable through the preinstall of the back can by the knob button inside & the spring structure on the front panel.

A variety of speaker power levels (Tapping) are easily selected via the different wiring from the power transformer at the back of the driver settings for 100V high - impedance systems in different power requirement.


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