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Coaxial Ceiling Speaker

        Nox Audio’s Coaxial Ceiling Speakers Offers Uncompromised Audio Performance For  The Various Architectural Uses With The CL5, CL6 & CL8 Products Specially Designed For Background Music Providing A High  Quality Music As Well As The Intelligibility Of Speech.

The Ceiling Speakers Are Built Using A Coaxial Speaker Consisting Of A Polypropylene Woofer Cone & A Mylar Dome Tweeter.

The Speaker’s Front Panel Is Built With High Quality Moulded ABS & Equipped With Perforated Metal Grill Provided With 4 Mounting Clamps. Easy Installation Is Achievable Through The 4 clamps By Simply Turning The Mounting Screws Clockwise On The Front Panel.

A Variety Of Speakers Power Levels (Taping) Are Easily Selected For 100 v High - Impedance System In Different Power Requirement.

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